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Our focus at GreyBull Precision is providing products and techniques that allow hunters to make the most of every opportunity in the field. We build and sell only the same products we use. Our optic, stock, and complete rifle system are the result of years of putting different equipment and methods to the test in some of the most rugged country and challenging conditions.

In the quest to maximize the potential of the modern hunting rifle, it became clear that complicated systems, charts, and imprecise hold over reticles weren't the answer. As a pioneer of custom matching a yardage marked turret to a rifles individual performance, combined with an uncomplicated reticle-based wind hold solution, we offer a simple, fast, and deadly effective system that unlocks that potential. Our optic can be matched to any rifle, caliber and load. We build the custom dials one at time in-house and they are a unique match to the performance of your individual set up. The optic is built specifically for us by Leupold and backed by their lifetime warranty.

Our complete rifle system is the result of refining component selection and processes to make what we feel is the ultimate big game rifle regardless of the range. It's a turn-key system with the rifle, optic and ammunition working together and its ready to practice with right out of the box. Our stock has been a huge hit and its a great platform for a new custom build or a simple and cost effective upgrade to an existing rifle.

Please take a moment to view our products. Don't hesitate to drop us an email or call to ask a question or get more information.

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