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Complete Rifle System

Complete Rifle System



Our precision rifle package is the result of 20+ years of development. The only criteria we had developing this package was that it had to be the best. Of course the perfect hunting rifle/optic combination needs to be deadly accurate, but that's just where the story begins. It also needs to have the features to perform in the real world. Every aspect of this package has been developed to work under hunting conditions.




Sure it's a tack-driver on the bench, but in the field is where it really shines. Each rifle includes a Precision Hunting Optic (PHO) which is perfectly matched to the rifle's specific ballistic data and the customer's preferences regarding average hunting altitude and temperature. Simply range the target, dial the Drop Compensating Turret (DCT) to the yardage, use the Precision Reticle's built-in wind compensating marks if needed, hold dead on, and squeeze.

The rifle is a complete package and is ready to hit the range out of the box.


Features and Specifications

Available Calibers: .243 Winchester, * 6.5 Creedmoor NEW!, .264 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum 

Rifle: Squared and trued Remington 700 or Custom Bighorn Arms (+$800 as shown in pictures)

Optic: 4.5x14 Precision Hunting Optic, 50mm Objective, side focus/parallax adjustment, Precision Hunting Reticle. The scope is built specifically for GreyBull Precision by Leupold and includes our custom yardage drop turret built in-house specifically to match each rifles individual performance along with our unique Alumina flip-up lens covers with custom wind drift reference. Learn More


Stock: GreyBull Precision Hunting Stock Learn More

Barrel: 26" Custom stainless, match grade, fluted, & featuring Greybull's proprietary chamber. Standard is custom medium-heavy contour (.700" at the muzzle with 11 degree crown)

Trigger: Jewell

Ammunition:: 100 rounds of GreyBull Precision custom loads. Our high-performance ammunition features precision Berger VLD hunting bullets, which offer the highest ballistic coefficients available in each caliber & bullet weight, and deliver the best retained energy and wind drift performance for extended ranges. The "delayed grenade" effect of these bullets provides amazing terminal performance and quick, clean kills. * The 6.5 Creedmoor is set up for the Hornady factory 143gr ELD-X ammunition (shoots great!) and does not come with ammunition.

Weight: Including the scope & mounts its 9 pounds with our standard barrel (also available with a lighter or heavier barrel contour).

Finish: Graphite black ceramic coating over stainless

Stock Colors: Olive, Grey, Tan, Black

Complete package with rifle, optic, dial(s) and 100 rounds of ammunition:

$5,500.00 on a Remington action

$6,300.00 on a Bighorn Arms action

-$300.00 for the 6.5 Creedmoor set-up for factory ammunition.                        

We have  a mixture of calibers in process.  Please call for expected availabity or to place an order.

Online Ordering not available for rifle packages

Questions? Feel free to give us a call at 888-GBP-HUNT

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